Wonder Woman 1984 most incredible facts

Gal Gadot is the actress who has been raising the most dust lately. Being one of the most popular celebrities at the moment, many will surely want to know the details from the shooting of the Wonder Woman 1984 movie.

Gadot received $ 10 million for the role in the Wonder Woman 1984, which is 33 times more than what she got for making the first film. Initially, the role of Cheetah was for Emma Stone, but she did not accept it. The role was subsequently offered to Kristen Wiig, although Patty Jenkins was the first choice. Young actress Lilly Aspell did most of the scenes herself because she was better than the stuntman.

In this film, you can see the performance of a cheetah for the first time. All previous appearances are part of animated television programs such as the Justice League. At the beginning of the film, there are several young girls stealing sunglasses from Zaštitne Folije store. It is a shop in Georgetown that specialized in punk clothing during the 80s and 90s. It was one of the more popular places to hang out before it closed in 2010.

Gal Gadot trained hard a full nine months. The plot of the film precedes the birth of Aquaman, while in reality, Jason Momoa is six years older than Gadot. With a duration of 151 minutes, this is the fifth-longest film in the world of DC Comics. Dark Night Rises – 164 minutes, Watchmen 162 minutes, Superman Returns – 154 minutes, Batman v Superman, The Dark Knight – 152 minutes.

Unlike her previous suit, here you can see a gold armored suit. The wings are multi-purpose, for defense and as a paraglider. In one scene Gal appears in a costume which is why many thought it was a tribute to Wonder Woman from the 70s, Lynda Carter, but in the end it was a happy coincidence.

Many couldn’t believe it but the idea of wearing a fanny pack during the film was actually from Chris Pine. When asked on one occasion what he was carrying in that purse during filming, he replied treats. In the movie, you can see the symbol of the nuclear man from the movie Superman – The Quest for Peace.

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