Top Gun 2 – Did you know this

After more than 30 years, one of the best aviators returns to where he belongs, pushing the envelope as one of the bravest test pilots and avoiding the advancement thanks to which he could no longer fly … Some things will never change. But enough about the main theme of the film, it’s time for details you may not have known before.

One of the conditions under which Tom Cruise agreed to star in the film is the use of real planes, instead of CGI technology. It was rumored for some time that the plot would focus on drone warfare before Cruise confirmed that the story would revolve around fighter jets.

This is the first film shot in IMAX with Sony Venice frame cameras. It was Sony Venice cameras that were specially made for this film, all to capture parts of the cockpit. This way sensor could be attached to the body while it was connected by an optical cable. This allowed the cameras to be in a tight space.

The montage of a beach soccer scene where the actors played shirtless had to be filmed twice because Tom didn’t consider the first version good enough. Re-shooting the scene created additional pressure on the actors. One of the cast said that one night everyone went out for a milkshake and a week later Tom stated that they had to film the scene in a beachfront villa in Marbella once again. Many were convinced that they would have to go to the gym a few times for the scene to be good in the end.

Actor Glen Powell admitted that there was a macho rivalry among the male cast. Before filming the scene on the beach, he applied too much coconut oil, so filming had to be stopped at one point because it was too slippery. His skin just shone too bright.

The black Ford Raptor was used to make two films. In addition to Top Gun, it was used for Break Even. Finally, two productions used this model while making films at the same time.

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