Star Trek Discovery – Why You Should Watch this series

Star Trek Discovery is a series by the duo Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller. It was launched in 2017 as the seventh series from the famous ST franchise after the filming of Star Trek Enterprise 2005 was completed. The plot begins approximately ten years before the Star Trek Original series. The series follows the USS Discovery crew.

Why should you, if you haven’t already, of course, start watching this series?

Among the main roles are Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, Oyin Oladejo, Wilson Cruz, Michelle Yeoh, David Ajala, James Frain … And these are just some of the names that managed to stand out with great acting, but also charisma.

Why should you, if you haven’t already, of course, start watching Star Trek Discovery? There are a few answers, and they depend on whether you’re a true ST fan or just love to try something new? If you’re a fan of this franchise and have already watched all the movies and series, then we think it’s time for Discovery.

So why watch the series? Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller managed to show the plot in the well-known Star Trek environment, but again a bit different with a lot of novelties and special effects. The cast paid tribute in the best way to all those who were in the franchise before them.

If you may not have liked the Chris Pine movies because the emphasis was too much on action and effects, Discovery will take you back a bit to the atmosphere that prevailed at the beginning of the ST series shooting. Sonequa Martin-Green is simply great, James Frain as Sarek, and what can I say but amazing, Michelle Yeoh as Empress Philippa Georgiou just wow … It’s as if each of these actors was preparing for the role for a few years, living every day in the spirit of Star Trek. If you’re one of those who prefers mystique mixed with a bit of action, Discovery is just for you. Are you still wondering why? The answer is very simple.

Star Trek Discovery – High-quality production

Can you imagine watching an episode of the series every week, when you get the impression that you’re at the cinema and watching the latest blockbuster? This is exactly the impression Discovery leaves. Amazing effects, production at the highest level, convincing cast, actors from the Hollywood A list … It’s just a little part of the amazing mosaic that awaits you if you decide to watch another series from the famous franchise.

If this wasn’t enough of an argument for you, here’s another one that won’t leave you indifferent. Every season, starting from the first onwards is getting better. If you thought the first season was great, just wait to start watching the third season. What is thrilling is the ability of the creators of the series to come up with a better and more interesting plot every time. And last but not least is the appearance of the ship and its ability to surpass the speed of the transwarp itself. So are you ready?

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