5 WORST Movies Rated By Audience

We cant expect that every single movie will keep us glued to the screen but they can at least be worth watching. Well, here’s a list of movies which did the opposite thing – and made the audience turn away from the screen.

  1. The Human Centipede

Well, this movie had to turn up on some kind of list. Besides being deeply disturbing, it lacks the plot and in general, isn’t actually scary. Wild imagination is pretty much the only thing this movie offers, which doesn’t really cover for fact they don’t seem to understand how the human body even works.

  1. The Hottie & the Nottie

It’s not a surprise that this movie didn’t get much attention but it didn’t even deserve more. Topped with sexist jokes, this movie is an example for bad acting and ridiculous plot. The reviews and comments for this movie pushed it straight to the bottom – where it should be.

  1. The Tortured

You don’t have to wait for the end to know that ‘The Tortured’ were actually the audience. The crew seem to not know their way around a camera so the movie itself is pretty hard to watch. Actors didn’t really mess up here and they did a pretty good job in comparison to the production and..well, everything else.

  1. Septic Man

At first, this movie is so disgusting it actually seems interesting. However, when the plot develops, it turns into a huge mess that just makes no sense. It’s just a lot of going on in that sewer…

  1. Baby Geniuses

This isn’t as bad as some other movies on the list and there are actually people who slightly enjoyed it. Well, they covered their bad story and horrible jokes with cute kids. However, that didn’t save them from getting on this list.

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