The Last Of Us TV SHOW incoming – What To Expect?

It is official – The Last Of Us TV show is just given the green light and will become HBO series. Every fan of this game must be excited (even tho we are all probably just hoping that this series won’t be just another disaster).

So far, it looks promising as the story will get backed by the dream writing duo of Craig Mazin (creator of Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann (best known for his work on Uncharted and also the development of The Last Of Us).

The release date is still unknown but by the words of writers and producers, something is expected to happen – very soon. As the game’s part 2 for PS4 is still unfinished, the team isn’t ready to start on this project. So far, HBO revealed only a synopsis of their great plan.

Why are they ‘enhancing’ the story?

‘Enhancing’ a story that is already perfect is cringeworthy. However, they promised not to change anything but only add some parts to make the story more complete.

The story will be a classic follow-up of the game, 20 years after modern civilization was destroyed with Joel and Ellie on a brutal and heartbreaking journey. Everything is promised to stay as it is, Joel on his journey to smuggle Ellie out of the oppressive quarantine zone and Ellie discovering the even darker side of the world. It should cover all the events of the original game with the possibility of additional content based on Part 2.

Everything is starting to come together, as the show got its first director – Johan Renck (Breaking Bad, Chernobyl). This news is particularly exciting as it already promises good quality of the show.

Few favourites for fulfilling the role of Joel are Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. For Ellie, the suggested roles are Kaitlyn Dever, Sophie Lillis and Sadie Sink.

For now, that is all information that is known about the show. However, we can all at least feel relieved, knowing that a great team is standing behind this project.

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