The secret life of Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s unhappy marriage ended with a tumultuous divorce, but before it ended the princess found solace in many lovers. From the beginning, her life fascinates the public. Young and beautiful, Diana was chosen to be a wife for Prince Charles. Charles is the successor of the British crown, and she was chosen for a simple reason – she was an aristocrat and a virgin. Her life changed completely overnight, but even if everything looks like a fairytale for the public, the reality was different.

Charles tried to fall in love with her, but he never succeeded in that intention. Diana bore him two sons, but that didn’t bring and change in that relationship. He was in love with Camilla Parker Bowles for a long time, and Diana was aware of that. The unhappy marriage of the princess and the prince lasted for many years, but no one was happy in it. Later, Diana admitted that they have a lot of problems because there were three of them in a relationship.

In the time when their marriage was over, but divorce wasn’t legally over they lived separate lives. Diana in that period had a lot of love affairs with prominent men from the British elite. She found solace in seven lovers who helped her to get through that difficult period in her life. Because of those romances, she was exposed to constant criticism from the royal family. She tried not to pay attention to them, and follow her heart.

Diana has an empty heart?

Who are the men who were supposed to fill the void in Diana’s heart? The first one is Oliver Hoare, who passed away in 2018 from cancer at the age of 73. Oliver and Diana began their affair in 1992 while they both were married to other people, at the same time Oliver was the father of three children, they were first spotted at one of Marbella’s finest golf courses in Spain. He was 16 years older than the beautiful princess. Oliver was a distinguished art broker who supplied London’s most important galleries and museums. Today he was considered as one of the greater experts on Islamic art.

Everyone found out about the affair after one night alarm in the Kensington Palace where Diana lived sounded. Police found Oliver hiding in the bushes in front of the palace, smoking a cigarette. The romance came to the end when Oliver’s wife found out everything and threatened with divorce.

One of Diana’s lovers was police officer Barry Mannakee, in which she looked for the father figure. Beery served for Diana and in fact, his job was to ensure her safety. After everyone found out about this relationship, Barry was removed from his duty. From 1986 to 1991, Diana was in a relationship with James Hewitt, and many will say that this relationship began earlier. Also, there is some rumor that he is the father of Prince Harry. In 2003, he was thinking of selling 64 Diana’s love letters for £ 10 million, but in the end, he decided not to.

That’s not all…

Among Diana’s sheets, you can find James Gilby, with whom the princess had a plan to escape from the royal family. But their phone calls were recorded by the secret services in the palace. Their intention to escape was quickly revealed. Diana was known as an excellent athlete and gym lover. In that way, she meets Will Carling. Will was a professional rugby player and at that time he was happily married. The couple broke off all ties in 1995.

Diana’s most important lover was certainly Hasnat Khan, a distinguished London doctor with whom the princess had spent two years. There were rumors that they are planning a wedding. The princess described Khan as the love of her life. The relationship lasted from 1995 to June 1997, and even Prince Charles approved it.

The last Diana’s lover was Dodi Fayed, an Egyptian heir who loved luxury life. He died in the same car accident as Diana in 1997. Diana and Dodi met at his father’s palace, and their romance lasted only a month before they died. Photos from the elevator in which Diana gently holds Fayeda was their last picture. Only an hour later both of them died in a car accident.

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