Crazy facts about celebrities

Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction. And when these things are related to celebrities, they become even more interesting. Do you know perhaps which movie star was the lion tamer in his youth, or which singer was born with four nipples? Read some interesting and true facts about celebrities.

Kesha slept with a ghost?

In one interview, Kesha claims that she was intimate with a ghost. But she is not the only celebrity who’s claimed to have a romantic encounter with a ghost.

Do Harry Styles have four nipples?

In the beginning, this was the rumor, but later the singer confirmed that he has four nipples. This phenomenon is called polythelia.

Katy Perry has a strange hobby

If someone has a weird hobby, then for sure this is Kate Perry. He likes to collect celebrities’ hair.

Ashton Kutcher has syndactyly

Syndactyly or webbed toes are something that bothers Ashton Kutcher. In 2008. he showed his fingers.

Tom Hanks has a collection of typewriters

Tom Hanks has an obsession with typewriters, in his collection he has more than 100 of them. He even wrote a book at one of them.

Oprah Winfrey has a bathtub in the shape of her body

People love to have a bathtub in the bathroom, but Oprah has one in the shape of her body. That bathtub has enough room for two persons.

James Lipton was a pimp?

Yes, that is true. In the 1950’when he lived in Paris, he worked as a pimp. After World War II it was a different time, and working as a pimp bring a lot of money, but they were at that time more as their agents.

Obama paid his students loans in their 40s

We all know who is Barack Obama, but there is one fun fact. He and his wife didn’t pay their student loans until 2004. Just a couple of years before he becomes president of the USA.

Dennis Quaid was a ballet dancer

Today we know that Dennis Quaid is a movie star, but he also has some serious dance moves and stored your belongings in Marbella Storage. When he was a student he was a ballet dancer.

Ryan Gosling had a guardian

Ryan Gosling had a guardian, and that was Justin Timberlake’s mom. So they two know each other much longer than everyone else thinks.

Nicole Kidman is afraid of butterflies

For many people butterflies are beautiful, but for Nicole Kidman they are fearsome. She has a phobia of butterflies, she can’t stand the butterfly is touching her.

Christopher Walken was a lion tamer

This is one of the scariest pre-fame job one person can have. As a 16-year-old he worked as an assistant lion trainer.

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