Are you sure you know all about Taylor Swift?

Although Taylor Swift is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram, are you sure you know enough about this famous singer? No matter how much you know her songs, it’s time to find out a little more fun details about her life.

For starters, she’s a big fan of the Friends series she watches after almost every concert. She repeatedly admitted that she wanted to send messages to people with her songs. For the third album Speak Now she wrote all the songs herself. She is one of the stars who has been breaking records for years and winning awards for writing songs, but also for her singing.

A Christmas tree farm

Taylor grew up on a Christmas tree farm, which is why there is a song about that farm. On one occasion, she gave an interview to Esquire and confirmed where she grew up. During 2019, she released the song Christmas Tree Farm, and the video for the song of the same name consists of clips from her childhood.

What is the secret behind the name Taylor

Mother Andrea Finlay wanted to give her daughter the name Taylor because she didn’t want others to know the gender at first. Reading Taylor’s name alone it wasn’t easy to guess if she was a girl or a boy.

Never published book

As a teenager, Taylor wrote the novel A Girl Named Girl, a copy of which her parents still keep.

Horseback riding as a sport

Taylor admitted that her mom had a desire for her daughter to go horseback riding. Swift competed until she was 12 when she admitted to her mother that she didn’t share her dreams and that it was time for something else.

Secret nickname

The full name is Taylor Alison Swift. Taylor has had a lot of nicknames over the years. Some of them are T-Sweezy, T-Swizzle, T-Swift… Although most know her by these names her brother came up with another nickname. Did you know that her brother often calls her Teffy?

Strange pet

Most children had dogs, cats, or rabbits, but not Swift and she usually travels with her pets. Did you know she loved to keep hermit crabs? One year she lost one crab, but when she returned home from school she discovered that the crab was still alive.

Pets according to celebrities from TV Shows

While as a child she loved to keep unusual pets she later procured cats. One was named after a character from Gray’s Anatomy Meredith Gray, and the other Olivia Benson after a character from the Law & Order series: Special Victims Unit. In 2019, she adopted a cat and gave her name Benjamin Button.

Role for CSI

During 2009 Taylor appeared in one episode of the CSI Crime Scene Investigation series. Her character was killed at the end of the episode.

12 string guitar

Learning to play instruments is not easy, but despite that Taylor has managed to master the 12-string guitar. In the song Spinning Around you can see her playing that guitar.

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